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English slide Does your clinic need an app?? Doct4u is the management software for appointments and for the organization of your clinic. There is also custom app for your patients. Learn more  
Doct4U is the app for your clinic

Doct4U combines the flexibility of a web management software for clinic staff with the convenience of an app for patients. The administrator, desk staff and doctors will be able to manage the reservations and medical records of patients, while patients can conveniently make reservations and send and view their documents through the dedicated app. Doct4U is a customized system for each clinic and its data are stored and managed, with the most advanced security standards, on a reserved Cloud system (based on Google Cloud Platform services). 

Dedicated management software

Doct4U is the online management control system for the clinic and the medical center with data stored on a dedicated Cloud and available from any device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) and workstation (from the office, from home, traveling or in a conference). The management software allows you to share patient data among the various specialists of the clinic, in order to always keep the patient health status under control. With Doct4U you can manage every aspect of your clinic: from appointments to invoices of provided services.

Administration and desk
  • Administration of the medical center and its offices.
  • Patients and personal data management.
  • Booking and management of visits and exams.
  • Templates for automatic notification and reminder messages via sms, email and push notifications.
  • Invoice management.
  • Unlimited creation of specializations and types of appointments.
  • News and alerts for patients, with app push notifications.
  • Organization of working hours for each doctor with personalization of availability during the week.
  • Booking of visits and exams.
  • Create custom questions to ask the patient at the time of booking.
  • Management of appointments via interactive calendar.
  • Editing and deleting appointments.
  • Medical record management: patient clinical history and documents.
  • Medical prescription.
Custom app

Your clinic will be able to provide patients with a customized app. The app will help specialists to receive bookings and documents related to visits and exams, to publish news and forward urgent communications via push notifications.

  • Dedicated patient access via customized app
  • Alerts and reminders via sms, email and push notifications.
  • Sms messages sent directly by the doctor.
  • Document management (medical records and prescriptions).
  • Booking of visits and exams.
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